Chromatic Composer – Plotter Prototyping

We’ve been working on building the XY-plotter to implement the  painting process. When user input sounds,  frequency and amplitude values would be collected in a buffer by Processing, which maps the frequency  into 3 colors, and the amplitude values could be a factor in drawing path. We tried to constrain the values in the program so as to constrain the pen to draw within the canvas. Also we tell the program to start in the middle of the paper every time it begins to work, and return to (0,0) when finished.

1 2


We’re also thinking of what marks would be made by the plotter, considering the layout that should not only be visually attractive but  working more efficient in reading stage and paper consuming as well. Drawing spiral curves, shapes or even patterns could be more interesting but since the pen on the plotter would move in straight lines, we would try only drawing lines in the first place.

Building the Plotter

We were inspired by using struts with holes where the dowels go through and thus the boxes could move along the bars when attached to the belt.

6 7


This is the initial plan we held which has contributed to our y-axis structure. We use another structure to move the strut along x-axis. Bearings are installed as wheels at the bottom of both sides of the strut. Each side we use four bearings with two on each side of the metal bar to maintain stability when moving along the bar.


For the small car moving along y-axis on the strut, three bearings are used for each side with one for limit and the rest for sliding. It works perfectly well without any slipping or falling over from the bar.



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