Phase 1 – Grounding Research

When does a robot create art, and when is it merely an extension of the artist?

In my research and studio project I would like to investigate this boundary of ownership of the resulting works the drawing machine creates.  When is the artwork a result of only random actions and decisions? When is the programming directly responsible for the outcome? And where lies the distinction between random and programmed that you could identify the robot as an artificial intelligent object, one that ‘chooses’ its own outcome.

Apart from the notion that ‘art lies in the eye of the beholder’, I would like to see my robots interactive to the environment and to themselves. Create a feedback loop in which it observes and influences itself, perhaps even correct mistakes. Find the balance of imperfection what creates a ‘humanlike’ artwork. (Note: is art a form of expression only mastered by humans?)


Attached are my presentation slides.

Phase 1 Presentation_Minten_RAY


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