430593598_Tianyi Zhang PRESENTATION

My presentation web address:


I take all the reference which given by Rob, and I also take some research which I interested. I choose 3 vedio to put into my web.

I like hypperrealism style, and I do not know how to appreciate Abstract, and Expressionism. So, I do not like the feeling that I can not know what my drawing machine drawing.

I find some reference about lego toy. Because 3 reasons: 1. I like construction toy; 2. we can use the same standardized pieces to any model we need;

3.If plan been changed, it was easy for us to rebuild model

I also searched some information about Seymour Papert and his earlier book, “Mindstorm”. Because he is an important man to lego toy. By researching his book, I think that a good idea is not only means invention, but also means improvement and development. I put more attention on  how does the machine work as my idea, it means I put more attention on controlling robot and robot’s functions(in this class, just drawing fuction).

I have two plan, plans’ detail is in my web


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